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    We created our list of care partners around the belief that inpatient treatment is only the beginning of recovery. New Directions for Women is choosing to join with care partners that provide services and expertise in areas that will enhance the recovery of our patients and their families. An initiative that focuses on the treatment and recovery process from inpatient to aftercare, care partner representatives, work conjointly with aftercare providers in the community to assist New Directions for Women patients upon their discharge of the continuum of care.

    Our care partner network include: monitoring programs, family programs, private practice psychologists and clinicians, licensed social workers, outpatient facilities, psychiatrists, psychiatric hospitals, and community based programs.

    Detox Facilities:

    Pat Moore Foundation

    St. Joseph’s Hospital

    Pacific Coast Recovery


    Treatment Centers:

    Betty Ford Center

    Seabrook House, Inc. Nonprofit

    Caron Treatment Center

    Cumberland Heights

    Father Martin’s Ashley

    The Orchard

    Eating Disorders:


    Intervention Facts


    Women suffering from chemical dependency are plagued with tremendous shame and guilt.  This often keeps them from asking for or seeking the help they so desperately need. We can help you or someone you love get into treatment. If the one you love is hesitant about asking for help, Family Intervention may be your answer. New Directions for Women’s staff are educated in three models of intervention: Arise, Johnson, and Systemic. These are three methods of lovingly encouraging your loved one to seek treatment for their chemical dependency. New Directions for Women utilizes trained professional interventionists for these services.


    Brad Lamm

    Brad Lamm has been helping others stop, and stay stopped for years. Highly motivated and with long-term sobriety himself, he leads by example; blending hope with the dynamic nature of the Invitation2Change Method of intervention. His approach is no-nonsense & understandable; Previously a network-affiliate News Anchor, his TV work today centers on his family systems work and teaching folks how to change.  He’s a frequent guest on CNN, The Dr. Oz Show and has done work for the Oprah Winfrey Show – speaking on treatment, addiction, intervention and change.  Brad’s Change Seminars introduce the topic to groups worldwide. His book, “How to Change Someone You Love” hit the shelves in early 2010. For more information, please visit

    Ken Seeley

    Ken Seeley has remained involved, professionally and personally, in recovery since 1987. He applies his relevant experience and boundless enthusiasm to profoundly change the lives of people who suffer from the disease of addiction – both the addict, and the addicts’ family and friends. Ken saves lives every day as the founder and executive director of Intervention911. His organization is one of the most prominent and successful private intervention services in the country. Currently, Ken is one of the on-camera interventionists featured on the groundbreaking A&E television series Intervention.

    John Southworth

    John Southworth, CADC has been involved in the field of chemical dependence for over 20 years. He served on the Board of Directors for the Federation of State Physicians Health Programs under the auspices of the AMA and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Intervention Specialists. He has been the Coordinator of the Physician Recovery Network since 1993 as contracted with the Idaho Medical Association and Board of Medicine. He is also contracted with the Idaho State Board of Nursing, Board of Dentistry, and State Bar Association for similar recovery programs. Recently John was appointed to the Governor’s Criminal Justice Commission to help advise the legislature in matters of addiction. John also serves as a consultant for several treatment facilities, facilitates interventions world-wide, coordinates client’s recovery treatment, and provides post-treatment monitoring services.

    Carey Davidson Carey Davidson is the founder of InterventionASAP.  Carey provides a unique perspective of identifying, understanding and addressing Substance Abuse and other Maladaptive Conditions that can devastate families. His personal experiences in sobriety, relapse and back into recovery provide extraordinary insight into the addictive mind set and recovery.  Carey is well studied in all models of intervention processes and practices only proven addiction intervention methods and implements the best combination of techniques for each individual intervention for addiction.  Carey is a master’s level therapist graduating from Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies in Minnesota and a practicing Board Certified Professional Interventionist.  InterventionASAP works with families worldwide and responds quickly to calls for help.

    Karen Franklin Karen Franklin is an Interventionist and Program Manager for InterventionASAP. Karen is also the co-author of the book ADDICTED LIKE ME; A Mother-Daughter Story of Substance Abuse and Recovery that was featured on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.  Karen specializes in working with Codependency & Family Systems affected by Addiction.  Her own personal recovery of 14 years and her lifelong experiences with the disease of addiction in her own family give her a unique perspective when dealing with the despair and desperation of the addict and the anguish and pain of family and friends who suffer.  Karen is a Certified Addiction & Recovery Specialist,  a member of the American Assoc. of Christian Counselors and will travel anywhere in the world to help.

    Intervention Specialists

    Intervention 911

    Love First Interventions

    Mastering Addictions Consciously

    Southworth Associates

    Julien Pickens

    Jerry Law

    Intervention ASAP

    Jenny Rodin

    Carole Lawyer

    Pat Kelly

    Rebecca Mowen

    Co-dependency and Process Addictions:

    The Bridge to Recovery

    Breakthrough at Caron


    Embrace Recovery

    Hired Power

    Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery

    Intensive Outpatient Programs:

    Twin Town

    Monitoring and Recovery Assistance:

    AIR – Assistance in Recovery

    Low/No Cost Programs:


    Roque Center (Co-ed)

    Woodglen (Co-ed)


    Lynn House

    The Salvation Army

    Women with Children

    Miriam’s House

    Flossie Lewis

    Heritage House

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