7 Ways to Appreciate Staff during Christmas

New Directions For Women staff enjoying gift exchange

How do you recognize employees that have worked hard all year? How do you let your employees know that you appreciate them? How do you create fellowship, unity, and laughter among those who work together?

New Directions for Women is glad to offer some suggested answers to these questions.

  1. Decide to host an Annual Staff Christmas Party
  2. Make it a potluck so that all contribute
  3. Make it a mid-day occasion so that no one has to purchase lunch or stay late
  4. Plan an exciting gift exchange game with humorous gifts
  5. Prepare surprise gifts for all in attendance
  6. Decorate the room with festive and holiday colors.
  7. Finally, watch as fun and fellowship result.

 One of the best ways to close the year is through a staff Christmas celebration. New Directions for Women staff are still glowing from this year’s Holiday party. What a wonderful time we had: from bald men getting flat irons as gifts to people stuffing themselves with homemade desserts and reminiscing on the past year, which was our most successful year to date. We are truly lucky to have an exceptional group of caring and passionate staff from a variety of backgrounds.

New Directions for Women thanks the staff and supporters for the continued effort toward transforming women, families and their children, one day at a time. Lives are truly being changed because of your work and dedication. Our rehab center for women, pregnant women, and women with children continues to flourish because of you.

 If you have not had the opportunity to tour, volunteers, or otherwise support New Directions for Women, it is not too late. Call us 800-939-6636 or find us on facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn . We will happily introduce you to the wonderful work of addiction treatment and recovery.


NDFW Staff enjoying food, fellowship, and fun
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