The Love that Helped Us Bloom

The Love that Helped Us Bloom

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    The Love that Helped Us Bloom February is the month of love at New Directions for Women. Every year, we like to look back on our humble beginnings at this time and reflect on the generosity and love from our community, and how much we’ve grown because of all of your support! We have grown; people from all over the country tell us that “it’s difficult to find rehabs just for women near me.” Also, mothers worry about what will happen with their children if they enter a recovery program. Because of the growing importance of drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, and the need for recovery care that targeted the specific needs of women, we have been able to establish ourselves as leaders in rehab for women. Thanks to over 40 years of hard work and the tremendous love we’ve seen from our community members, we are so proud to provide one of the finest recovery homes in the world today.

    Two years ago on February 5th, our Founders House was officially improved and dedicated to the cause of women seeking to better their lives through recovery. We were able to provide an unparalleled experience through the contributions of hundreds of donors, who gave us healing elements, furniture, silverware, and funds to provide our families in care with the most wonderful and home-like recovery experience possible. Thanks to you, our children get to see monarch butterflies fluttering over our beautiful butterfly garden, and gorgeous fish in a freshwater aquarium. They get to experience healthy, fresh meals three times a day from our amazing chef, Jen, and have access to nutritional fruits and snacks throughout the day. Our mothers in care even learn to cook on their own through cooking classes, giving them the opportunity to provide their families with healthy, affordable, and delicious meals to pass onto future generations. These small things not only make recovery more successful and pleasant, but will create lasting memories that will strengthen these families years after graduation.

    We have multiple homes for our women and children, ranging from our Founders house, which has a secure clinical offices and professional on-staff care, to our private homes for mothers with children, where they can run free in the background play structures. Each family in our care has access to their perfect home-like environment. Everyone can recover in a home that actually feels like home!

    We are able to provide activities for our families that they might have never experienced, such as equestrian therapy, professional daycare services, community dinners, yoga in a warm and beautiful sunroom, and mindfulness sessions to help them introspect and relax. We teach them important life-skills, such as punctuality, applying for jobs, and keeping an organized schedule. The whole goal is to provide them with all the tools they will need for everlasting success through the rest of their lives.

    We are able to provide the best staff around, with trained counselors, therapists, physical trainers, and industry leaders. We have access to the most advanced and clinically-proven tools, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapies, and even programs that adjust to the limited availability of career women. We have some of the most dedicated and talented friends in our community as well, who host yoga classes, drum circles, and so many other wonderful activities that enrich the lives of our women and children every day. Many of our activities are open to the public to share some love back with the people who support us. Please visit our events page.

    You inspire us to do what we do, and enable us to change hundreds of lives every year. Together, we can help stop addiction, home by home, one family at a time. Each family we save stops entire generations of addiction, and provides a brand new lifestyle to women and children who were once facing this terrible disease on their own. We look forward to providing the highest quality of recovery care to families for years to come, and sharing their success with you. Thank you so much for your continued support, and for being a part of our ever-growing family. We love you all!

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