Research Shows Smartphones Affect Mental Health

Research Shows Smartphones Affect Mental Health

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    Research Shows Smartphones Affect Mental Health New research from IANS reports that the smartphone affects mental health according to an article in the Free Press Journal. The study showed that more people are becoming addicted to their smartphones. Zaheer Hussain, lecturer in psychology at the University of Derby said that, “higher scores of narcissism and levels of neuroticism have been linked to smartphone addiction.”

    The lecturer led the research study and found that the more someone uses their smartphone the higher the risk for addiction to the device. Hussain said that, “there are various smartphone apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Candy Crush, Skype and email that make smartphone use psychologically more attractive and can lead to an addiction.”

    According to the study, 13 percent of those observed were addicted to their smartphone device. The study reported that “the average user [spends] 3.6 hours per day on [their] device.”

    Researchers found that the more narcissistic the person was the more likely they were to be addicted to their smartphone. Research on this was recently published in the International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology, and Learning. The study believes that users of smartphones should be issued a disclaimer of the potential for smartphone addiction.

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