Repeat Boutique – Grand Opening was a hit!

Repeat Boutique – Grand Opening was a hit!

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    Repeat Boutique is an upscale used clothing shop that raises awareness about chemical dependency and treatment while offering an opportunity to shop for high-end resale products at affordable prices.

    New Directions for Women proudly hosted the Re-Grand Opening of Repeat Boutique. We just doubled our size! Family, friends, business neighbors, employees, and others joined us for a day of celebration. Our Re-Grand Opening featured finger foods, soulful music by Troy Heidemann and Mike McKenna, wellness evaluations by Dr. Cynthia Boccara (Wellness for Life Chiropractic and Nutrition), and free make-up makeovers by independent artist Nicole Lennox.

    The Re-Grand Opening also featured an exciting raffle, with proceeds going to benefit New Directions for Women and ultimately women, children, and their families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. This year’s raffle included:

    Jim Walker contributed a meal for two at Bungalow Restaurant, Deborah Snavely contributed a 2-night stay at the Newport Beach Marriott Resort & Spa (Newport Beach, CA), Linda Kirkpatrick contributed Deserts from Nothing but Bundt Cakes, Chandler Bell donated 2 tickets for a romantic dinner on the Hornblower Cruise (Newport Beach, CA), and Lorin Backe contributed a 500 dollar voucher for professional photography. Thank you to our donors. Winners, enjoy your prizes!

    We want to thank everyone who helped to make this grand opening a success. We extend a special thank you to Cindy Bell (NDFW Social Enterprise Coordinator) for her hard work in coordinating the event. We especially thank all the Repeat Boutique staff and volunteers for their role in making this day so successful.

    Have you heard of Repeat Boutique? If you have not, you are missing one of the best shopping experiences. Every time you purchase from Repeat Boutique you are positively impacting the women and children who are in recovery at New Direction for Women. Thats right! Shop and support sobriety, recovery, and the transformation of lives all at the same time!

    Visit us at If you know a woman or family needs treatment contact us at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or simply by phone at 800-939-6636.

    Enjoy the pictures we have posted below

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