Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Introduction by Ann Premazon and Carole Pickup

Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Introduction by Ann Premazon and Carole Pickup

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    Ann Premazon: Good morning everybody. My name is Ann Premazon, and I’m the chair of the operating board for New Directions for Women. I will be your emcee for this morning. I’m going to ensure that we’re on time, and that we’re out of here by 9:30. So any speakers who come up, if you see me doing this, that’s my polite way of saying we’re going to end on time. I’d like to start this morning and explain that New Directions uses the butterfly, not only in their logo, but in identifying their sponsors, because the butterfly represents the change we all know – that a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Without our support from our philanthropic investors, many people would never have that opportunity. I’d like to honor the Balboa Bay Club and Resort, our Queen Butterfly sponsor, and long term supporter.

    In addition, I’d like to honor Ascension Treatment Centers, Brown-Forman, and the Busch Firm, who are our Emperor Butterfly Sponsors for making a major investment in the success of this fundraiser and friend-raiser. We have many other incredible sponsors who are listed in your program booklet, as well as on the slides behind me. To start the morning, I’d like to introduce a fellow board member, Carole Pickup, to do our invocation. She and her family have been involved at New Directions for decades. And she say the three most important things to her are in this order – God, family, and New Directions for Women. Carole?

    Carole Pickup: Heavenly Father, thank you for all the loyal supporters that are here this morning, as we honor this mission and vision of New Directions for Women. Help us to hear what you want us to hear. Help us to see what you want us to see. And help us to do this morning what you want us to do. We pray you protect us and keep us safe as we go on our way. Guide our every thought, word, and action. And now we ask you, bless this food to the nourishment of our minds and our bodies. In Jesus’s name, amen.

    Ann Premazon: Breakfast will now be served, and our program will begin shortly. Enjoy.

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