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Aetna health insurance is one of the nation’s leading diversified health care benefits companies with more than 45 million people relying on their insurance each day. Aetna’s health insurance plans and services include medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, life, disability, and medical management.

New Directions for Women’s residential treatment for the disease of addiction accepts Aetna drug rehab insurance health plans as an out-of-network insurance provider. In most cases, Aetna drug rehab health insurance plans will cover all rehabilitation services at New Directions for Women.

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Types of Aetna Drug Rehab Insurance Plans

There are three types of insurance plans that Aetna provides for addiction treatment. These three insurance plans are open-access plans, copay-only plans, and high-deductible plans. 

Open-Access Plans

Through open-access plans, you can choose your doctor. There are minimum requirements through open-access plans. As a result, these plans don’t require a referral or a primary care physician.

Copay-Only Plans

Copay Aetna insurance plans ensure that all you have to pay after paying your deductible is your copay. Through Aetna copay-only plans, the costs of your generic drugs and your visits to your primary care physician are all covered prior to you even having to pay your deductible. 

High-Deductible Plans

Aetna high-deductible plans provide you with preventative care services and the option of a health savings account before your deductible is even met. With a copayment, Aetna high-deductible plans even sometimes give you coverage through a primary care physician before your deductible is met. 

In-Network Aetna Drug Rehab Health Insurance Plans

An in-network Aetna drug rehab plan is exactly what it sounds like. It is a health insurance plan that provides coverage for addiction treatment at facilities within Aetna’s network. An addiction treatment center that is within Aetna’s network has a contract with Aetna to accept discounted insurance fees and payments from them. In exchange, Aetna will provide referrals to that specific addiction treatment center. 

aetna drug rehab

Although in-network Aetna health insurance costs less than its out-of-network health insurance, not all Aetna plans require your health insurance to be in-network. Therefore, you can still get Aetna drug rehab coverage through the New Directions for Women out-of-network Aetna insurance plans. 

All in-network Aetna addiction treatment programs are screened to ensure that they follow the current standards of practice. This is one benefit that you will not get with an Aetna out-of-network addiction treatment program. Luckily for you, the addiction treatment programs at New Directions for Women are all high-quality. Thus, you can be confident that you are receiving the best addiction treatment, even though you are paying for the program through an out-of-network Aetna insurance plan. 

When attending an Aetna in-network addiction treatment program under the following conditions, pre-certification or authorization of the treatment program will be required to ensure that it meets Aetna’s clinical criteria for coverage.

  • Inpatient admissions
  • Outpatient detoxification
  • Residential treatment center admissions
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs

Out-of-Network Aetna Drug Rehab Health Insurance Plans

An out-of-network Aetna drug rehab plan is a health insurance plan for addiction treatment at treatment centers that are not within Aetna’s network. This means that people that use Aetna for their insurance plan at addiction treatment centers that are not within Aetna’s network will not receive all the discounted rates for services as people that use Aetna at treatment centers within Aetna’s network would. 

Still, if your Aetna insurance plan offers out-of-network benefits and the treatment center that you are attending accepts Aetna as an out-of-network insurance provider, you will receive basic insurance coverage. Because New Directions for Women accepts Aetna as an out-of-network insurance provider, you should have no problem receiving Aetna insurance benefits here. 

The type of Aetna out-of-network plan you have will determine how much you will pay out-of-pocket for your care. The exact amount of money you will have to pay depends on two things. One of these things is the method your plan uses to set the allowed amount. The second thing is the percent of the allowed amount that your plan is set to pay. 

Your out-of-network Aetna drug rehab plan bases the “allowed” amount on a few different criteria. One of these criteria is Medicare-based rates. Another factor is any “reasonable,” “usual and customary,” and “prevailing” charges you have. The third factor is other types of rate schedules. 

Even if your Aetna insurance plan does not offer out-of-network benefits, you will still receive out-of-network insurance coverage for emergencies.

Substance Abuse Treatments Covered by Aetna Insurance

Certain treatment programs will most likely receive coverage by certain health insurance companies. When it comes to Aetna, the substance abuse treatments that you will most likely receive coverage for include:

Aetna and Detox

Aetna drug rehab insurance may cover you for traditional detox, but not rapid detox. To obtain Aetna health insurance coverage for outpatient detox, you may first need a pre-authorization and a medical referral.  

Aetna for Inpatient Treatment

Most Aetna insurance plans cover inpatient treatment. Still, Aetna does not offer the same amount of services for all its inpatient treatment plans. 

Aetna drug rehab insurance policies include the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Two other types of Aetna insurance programs include the Point of Service (POS) and the Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). The rules of these policies change in each state. The deductible levels of these insurance policies will also affect the details of an Aetna insurance plan. 

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There are four Aetna inpatient treatment plan levels of classification. The first one is Platinum. Platinum is the highest Aetna plan level. Therefore, it has a lower deductible but a higher monthly premium. The next level is Gold. Gold has a slightly higher deductible and a slightly lower monthly premium than Platinum.

The third Aetna inpatient treatment plan level is Silver. Silver has an even higher deductible with an even lower monthly premium than Gold. The fourth and final level is Bronze. Bronze Aetna inpatient insurance plans have the lowest monthly premium and the highest deductible. 

Coinsurance is the part of your health insurance that you must still pay under your plan. Some in-network inpatient Aetna insurance plan services have a 0% coinsurance. Others require a copay per admission for varying services.

Out-of-network inpatient Aetna insurance plans provide coverage based on your location and the type of plan that you have. Some Aetna insurance plans do not cover any out-of-network treatment. Other Aetna insurance plans have 30% to 50% coinsurance. 

Out-of-network inpatient Aetna insurance programs often require pre-certification. Pre-certification is a review process that determines whether the services that you are trying to receive meets Aetna’s clinical criteria for coverage. 

Aetna for Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Aetna drug rehab coverage varies depending on many things. One of the things outpatient Aetna drug rehab insurance coverage depends on is the state that you live in. Another outpatient Aetna drug rehab insurance coverage factor is the insurance policy that you have. 

Some Aetna insurance policies do not provide service for outpatient treatment. Others have a fixed coinsurance and/or copay for outpatient treatment. 

Ways to Pay for Rehab Without Aetna Insurance Coverage

Nothing should stop you from receiving the addiction treatment that you need, not even money.

If for some reason you can’t get Aetna drug rehab coverage, there are other ways to pay for your addiction treatment. 

Ways to pay for drug rehab outside of insurance include:

  • Payment plans
  • Grants or scholarships
  • Pay for cheap insurance at the Healthcare Marketplace
  • Sliding scale
  • Open a healthcare credit card
  • Sign-up for a healthcare loan
  • Take out a healthcare loan
  • Use your savings
  • Use your credit card
  • Take advantage of crowdfunding websites

Aetna Drug Rehab Healthcare Resources

Aetna cares about its drug rehab members. To show how they care, Aetna follows-up with their members through Continuing Care programs. 

Through Aetna Continuing Care, addiction treatment alumni who used Aetna as their form of insurance during treatment meet weekly to provide one another with support. Aetna will even put on celebratory events for members that have recently become sober, or made some other recovery achievement. Aetna’s continuing care programs help provide their members in recovery with the support that they need to maintain their sobriety long-term.

New Directions for Women is Here for You

New Directions for Women is dedicated to providing a loving, kind, and compassionate space for women to receive addiction treatment. To provide such a space, we try to make our onboarding process as stress-free for our patients as possible. That is why we are so dedicated to providing different insurance options for our treatment program members. 

We don’t want you to have to worry about money while you’re here. We want you to strictly focus on your recovery from addiction and becoming the best version of yourself. Our residential treatment program will allow you to do just that.

To learn about other insurance options that we offer outside of Aetna drug rehab insurance, contact us anytime. 



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