Why Holistic Drug Rehab For Women Works When, Often, Little Else Does

drug rehab for women The New Directions for Women approach to treatment has a number of advantages over other ways of doing drug rehab for women: we are a gender-separate facility that can address women’s unique needs without distraction, and we are a residential facility which can focus on treatment round-the-clock if need be and operates away from “trigger” recall cues that might inspire our women to relapse, just to name two.

It is our holistic approach that represents one of New Directions’ greatest advantages. We successfully help women recover not just physically and psychologically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

Since the causes of addiction often lie in the emotional or spiritual domains, it’s our experience this is a much more effective approach.

Gender-Separate, Residential Treatment Is Still Important

Our gender-separate approach is crucial to success, of course. And, where possible, it’s our experience that residential treatment is still almost always the best choice for recovery.

What makes these two factors so important? Simple. Both provide a much more conducive environment to healing.

In many cases of female chemical dependency, emotional triggers or causes lie at the root. By having a womens-only environment in which to recover, our clients are not exposed to stimuli that might set off past traumas — like a “friendly” hug from a man that nevertheless triggers memories of abuse.

Pregnancy, menopause, and other womens issues can also be freely discussed here, including in group sessions, without a woman having to also overcome their natural reluctance to talk about these things in the company of men.

For women who are already facing a daunting journey into recovery, this is that much less of a burden to bear.

Residential treatment is important both because it provides distance from the client’s previous lifestyle and close, intimate support in the rehab process. Unless they take themselves out of their current environment, women with substance use disorder are constantly surrounded by cues which trigger their addictive behavior.

On the other hand, in the safe environment of New Directions, they enjoy extremely close and intimate support — our staff, therapists, and counselors have all the time they need to provide maximum help to our clients. If need be, they can work around the clock.

Compare this to traditional therapists, who must wait until the next appointment.

Holistic Is Key

On top of these two factors, we also believe in a holistic way of doing drug rehab for women.

This means offering services like experiential therapies, yoga, gardening, physical exercise, psychodrama, art, and much more besides the traditional programs like individual and group therapies or “12 step” meetings.

We also offer a broad slate of experiential therapies, like hiking, equine therapy, and rock climbing, that provide an experiential route into healing and challenge our client’s personal limits.

For example, we have a particularly popular equine therapy program. This program involves grooming a horse and then guiding it around an obstacle course.

In our experience, working with a horse elicits a wide range of emotional reactions in our clients — sometimes joyful, sometimes fearful, sometimes in-between.

We then review and discuss the reactions in groups, giving our patients the chance to connect with their feelings as well as become more aware of their own communication abilities.

Of course we also have traditional Twelve Step meetings, counseling, and more. It’s our belief that combining all of these elements is what makes our program so successful.

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