Megan Leyen, Treatment Liaison

Megan Leyen Megan Leyen serves as a bridge between our community at large and the organization. She brings wonderful experience in sales and outreach to build new relationships with care partners and nurture current relationships within our local community. Megan specifically builds relationships with attorneys, medical professionals, places of faith, and local corporations to share about our recovery resources with those who struggle with the disease of substance use disorder. With several years of specializing in sales and ongoing partner relations, Megan will continue share her passion and heart for those looking to enter recovery while providing ongoing education to those enquiring about the treatment and latest updates happening at NDFW.

When Megan came to the New Direction family in April 2020, it was clear her heart for helping women and knowledge of business development created an ideal fit within the NDFW culture. As an active individual in the community, Megan teaches at local Pilates studios and volunteers within her church community. She brings to us a charismatic can-do attitude, as well as a compassion for those struggling to find help and recovery.

Well known for her creativity, active lifestyle and of course her Golden Retriever Buster, she has brought a bright energy to the team. And while Megan is known as quite a tough fitness instructor, she has often been described as light hearted, always ready to laugh and easy going when it comes to change or taking on new challenges. Megan has shared that finding New Directions for Women has created a purpose, and passion to help others that is so much bigger than any personal professional goals could amount to.