Llanely Pasalo, Childcare Coordinator

Llanely Pasalo

Llanely received an Associate Degree at Fullerton College in Child Development and Social Science.

She has been working in Child Care for over 6 years and has continued to pursue her education in Early Child Development at Cal State Fullerton and will receive her bachelor’s degree in Early Child Development in Fall of 2022. 

A mother of four children, Llanely believes that “we need to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment that encourages their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.” Her two youngest boys are on the Autism spectrum which has provided her with real world experience in caring for children with special needs. “I love seeing their growth and all their hard work they put in during their speech, occupational therapy and ABA.”

Her favorite memory is the first time she visited the campus and saw the children there with their moms. She remembered the mothers and children area as being super welcoming and home-like. She knew it was where she needed to be.

For fun, Llanely enjoys going on walks and listening to all kinds of music.