Laura Erickson, Primary Counselor

Laura Erickson

Laura Erickson entered this field inspired by her own journey of freedom. She takes joy and pride in “seeing the unseen” and “sitting in the mud” with people, helping them to self-actualize into who they were meant to be. Laura received her undergraduate degree from Winthrop University in South Carolina and is currently completing her master’s in clinical Mental Health Counseling at Wake Forest University. She specializes in trauma, eating disorder recovery, spirituality, and working with family systems. The groups she facilitates at New Directions for Women include: Inner Child, Seeking Safety, Art Therapy, as well as individual sessions with patients.

She has significant volunteer experience working in the Middle East with refugees from Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, working in Greece with survivors of sex trafficking, as well as eating disorder recovery work with women in Australia. This work has shown her that nobody is “too far gone” and with grace and compassion, anybody can recover.

Laura’s Message of Hope: When you come to New Directions for Women, you will quickly learn that you are not alone.  At NDFW you will encounter staff and leadership who will champion you to fight for yourself when you think you have nothing left.  You will be met by a team of women who will walk with you step by step as they encourage you, speak life into you, and who will speak to you with rigorous and loving honesty.  We will empower you to gain freedom as you work to win your life back by processing unresolved trauma, learning new coping skills and by getting re-connected with yourself and with those around you.  There is hope and this is only the beginning!