Jill Zakaryan, Primary Therapist

Jill Zakaryan

Jill Zakaryan completed her master’s in social work in 2018 through Cal State Long Beach and has been working in the social work field for ten years. She joined the New Directions for Women team in March 2021 and says she immediately felt part of the team from the beginning. “I was embraced by every member of the team which empowered me in moving forward in my responsibilities here.”

On a daily basis, Jill conducts group and individual counseling. She is passionate about helping women work through their personal trauma, addiction, and mental health challenges by supporting their transition towards living healthier and happier lives.

Jill is strong in her Christian faith and when aligned, shares that faith with patients to open up the conversation and understand each other’s values, perspectives, and decisions. She continues to be in awe of the courage each patient demonstrates in their transformation towards sobriety, in spite of their circumstances. She cheers them on in never giving up on themselves. 

For fun, Jill loves spending time with her family (especially her nephews) and taking photographs of the world around her.