family-children-smile New Directions for Women is committed to the healing of the entire family that has been profoundly affected by the disease of addiction. For those who live with or relate on a regular basis to a person who is diagnosed with chemical dependency, New Directions for Women recommends, encourages, and supports you in making a commitment to being involved with the family treatment program we offer so that you too may enter into your own personal journey of recovery. We recognize the importance of treating substance use disorder as a family disease. Those of you that have experienced the emotional pain of broken promises, false hopes, and other common side effects of this disease deserve the opportunity in identifying and voicing your own thoughts and feelings. We will openly and honestly assist you in working toward developing a deeper understanding of yourself and developing the kind of relationship you deserve to have with your loved one who suffers from chemical dependency. The Family Program is grounded in the 12 step principles and encourages each family member in participating in self help meetings on a regular basis. You can also read more about our services offered. family-children-toys In addition, we specialize in working with the children both living and not living with their mom throughout their treatment experience. Children will participate in daily programs in our on-site daycare that assist each youngster in building emotional strength and deepening their resilience. This allows our women with children to participate fully in their own treatment program. Services are provided to children utilizing an array of therapies such as: art, storytelling, role playing, recreation and journaling (depending on age). School age children are enrolled in the Newport Mesa school district and are encouraged to develop healthy participation in extra curricular activities, summer camp programs, and educational programs. Women whose children don’t reside on campus have access to some daycare services and visitations which are handled on a case by case basis. [more info]