The Road to Recovery: Newport Beach Magazine Article

After the birth of her first daughter, Jaana W. found herself deep in her addiction to opiates. She is now a successful sober mom who is helping others attain recovery. Jaana tells Newport Beach Magazine about her journey to recovery, and how New Directions for Women’s rare and unique services for mothers with children helped her and continue to help her live a life of recovery.

Jaana had begun her sober journey on the East Coast. When she was in need of finding a place where she could heal with her daughter, the options were limited. After talking with her counselor Jaana knew New Directions for Women was the perfect fit for her family. Jaana stayed in Faith House with her oldest daughter, where she learned tools for self-care and worked on her recovery alongside the responsibilities of being a loving mother.

Janna describes her stay at New Directions For Women as safe, supportive, and encouraging. She said, “You learn how to bring your natural stressors into a controlled supportive environment.” She also contributes the New Directions Alumnae community as a great support system in staying sober to this day.

Janna talks about the importance of long term care and maintenance after leaving treatment. “Having that ongoing aftercare support is extremely vital. It offers accountability; it offers a continued community of women who are staying sober. That is the ultimate goal.” Jaana is still active in New Directions for Women events, such as our Circle of Life Breakfast and alumnae meetings. Jaana is always willing to share her story to help other women in their own journey.

Jaana had a lot of work to do after her treatment stay; she needed to rebuild her life from the ground up. She had to rebuild relationships with family and friends, gain her own independence, and build her career. Addiction is a disease of isolation that destroys relationships. At New Directions for Women it is part of the recovery process to learn the deeper underlying reasons we stay in our addictions, how to heal that pain, and how to rebuild. This can be done through equine therapy, psychodrama, and groups such as “Healing Relationships.” Rebuilding your independence in sobriety can be a challenge, and that is why long term care is important. Sober living is a good way to reenter the real world with love and support as your training wheels. Rebuilding a career is never easy but Jaana harnessed her passion for helping others in recovery and is now the Director of Admissions for The Chadwick House in Costa Mesa.

Jaana is one of many in New Directions for Women’s alumnae community that continue to support each other in recovery, who continues to work on being a wonderful present sober mom, and that is making a difference in our community, one woman at a time. To read the full article, visit

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