To Love Her is To Help Her


New Directions for Women Publishes First Book Designed to

Inspire Addicts to Passionately Desire Sobriety

Addiction is a deadly disease that knows no bounds. The Glories of Sobriety is a collection of 24 essays written by long-time recovered addicts. These stories are of hope and share the joy and happiness found living a sober life.

“Seeing countless books and programs that dwell on the negatives of alcohol and drug recovery, I wanted people struggling with addiction to see the happiness and light at the end of the recovery tunnel and to understand that sober living is both an achievable and worthwhile goal.” said Faith Strong, who conceptualized and edited the Glories of Sobriety. She is a founding board member and avid supporter of New Directions for Women, a chemical dependency treatment center for women located in Costa Mesa, CA; she is also a high-profile leader in the addiction recovery community.  For example, she led the landmark effort to bring Alcoholics Anonymous to the Soviet Union in 1986.

“Faith is a great friend of New Directions and is an inspiration to those she helps.” said Becky Flood, CEO of New Directions for Women. All proceeds from the sale of the Glories of Sobriety will be donated to maintaining the facilities at New Directions for Women. The Glories of Sobriety retails for $13.95. For more information on the book, please go to

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