September is National Recovery Month

Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Becky Flood, Board Member

Wow. I want to thank Kari for her courageousness and willingness to share with us today. Dave, what can I say? I’ve walked the walk with you. I’ve seen the impact that New Directions had not only on you, but your daughter, and the mother of your daughter. What an amazing story. And Salia, what a blessing, what a privilege it’s been to see you grow up. What a young lady you’re becoming. I am so grateful your Mom’s sober. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Becky. And first and foremost, I’m a grateful recovering addict and alcoholic with 42 years of recovery. For those of you who do know me, you know that I was honored to serve as the Chief Executive officer of NDFW for 14 years. And now I’m amazingly blessed to serve on their Board of Directors. How nice it is to be here today as we honor our past, live in the moment with all the amazing lives that we get to touch every day, and look forward to the unwritten chapters that lie before us as an organization. We’ve had the privilege of serving over 6,000 women, of having nearly 600 children live on our campus with their Mothers, and we’ve been blessed by the birth of over 200 babies while their Moms have been in residence or receiving outpatient services. I can only begin to imagine the lives that are yet to be touched, the generations that are yet to be healed, and the impact that New Directions will continue to have not only in the state of California but throughout our nation and around the world from the lives we will continue to touch. I’m so very grateful that Tania has grown into the professional that she has and that Sue Bright was willing to accept the call that will lead New Directions into the future.

I am going to ask all of you today, if you would consider joining with me I have something exciting to announce before I continue. New Directions is fortunate enough to yet once again have a generous donor that will be matching every dollar we raise this morning. So if you give $100 it’s really $200, if you give $1,000 it’s really $2,000, if you give $10,000 it’s really $20,000, if you give a million, it’s really 2 million.

Before I ask our Table Captains to hand out the pledge cards, I’m going to ask everybody in the room this morning to consider joining me and many others in the room in donating at a level that will provide you entrance into the Amethyst Society. I’m going to ask all the Amethyst Society members stand, and be acknowledged. These are all of the people that sustain this organization, that have created the past and the present and are ensuring that the next chapter can and will be written. With that, I’m asking that the Table Captains now hand out the pledge cards.

This is my favorite thing in the world. I’m going to provide each of you this morning with an amazing opportunity. And that opportunity is to share some of your treasure that will allow women, children, families, and generations to heal from the devastating disease of addiction. Let me ask everybody a question: what happens when you give something away? Somebody shout out the answer. You’re right. You’re blessed 10-fold. It is by giving that we receive, which is part of the 11^th^ step prayer of Alcoholics Anonymous. And so remember today as you pull out your checkbooks and your credit cards, that whatever treasure you have that you are willing to share with us, this will come back to you beyond anything that you can measure. Think about a woman in your life that is maybe still suffering from this disease, or a woman in your life who has had the opportunity to recover. Or possibly a woman in your life who lost the battle to this disease. And think about how much her life is worth, to you and those she loved. And then choose, which giving level you will commit to today.

As we also remember in our minds, the word we have heard soak in today. The legacies that we’ve been honored to participate with today, the futures that have been promised because of the work that has occurred at New Directions. As you think about that today, let’s all walk today having raised a million dollars and which much anticipation in our hearts, that we stretch ourselves and make it three million. So thank you all as you fill out the form, make your commitment. For those of you who will join me and others at the Amethyst Society level, let me say thank you in advance for sustaining the work that we do.

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