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Alternative Sentencing and the Criminal Justice System
(Attorneys, Courts, Probation)

  • The right treatment center can make the difference – contact New Directions to help you help your client – New Directions is licensed by the California Department of Alcohol & DrugPrograms
  • New Directions works with the criminal justice system to advocate for residential treatment in a therapeutic community in lieu of incarceration and conviction – court and probation approved
  • New Directions helps patients to initiate and maintain recovery from drugs and alcohol by offering a residential treatment program which is widely recognized as an effective alternative to incarceration

Research has shown that reduction in recidivism rates increase the likelihood that the client will remain sober and out the justice system when the treatment is presented as an alternative to incarceration as well as provides the following:

  • Continuity of the family dyad by keeping the family intact allowing the children to reside with the mother
  • Accountability with substance treatment compliance
  • Increased communication between treatment center and the court
  • Restitution and victim awareness
  • Assimilation of productive lifestyle
  • Residential treatment – Long term care, up to 1 year
  • Motivating clients to be accountable for their alcohol and drug related legal problems

Clients referred to New Directions will receive an assessment and recommendations for the appropriate level of care. New Directions works directly with the court and probation departments to ensure accountability by providing monthly updates and client progress reports upon request.

For additional information about the Alternative Sentencing program at New Directions please call (800) 939-6636

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