Butterfly Bulletin | Fall 2017


Fall is full of change from nature’s scenery to the hard work we are doing here at New Directions for Women. Our long standing CEO Becky Flood has announced her next chapter of change. She will be moving to Ashley Addiction Treatment in Maryland as the new President and CEO. Becky will be forever a part of the work we do to transform the lives of women and their families, by becoming a member of the New Directions for Women Board. As Becky said herself, “It’s never a goodbye; it’s a see you later.”

As we change and grow, our clinical team has implemented a new program for our women on Sex and Love Addiction. As our women finish detox and begin addressing their substance addiction, many times other addictions surface, one of those being relationships, romantic or not. The groups work on healing the women’s deep emotional wounds and learning how to develop healthy relationships. We also have a new chef, Jennifer Merrifield, committed to mindful healing through nutrition. Chef Jen seeks to help each woman in her recovery by helping her connect mind, body, and spirit through the science of food and nutrition.

As the addiction treatment field changes after the 2009 Affordable Care Act, New Directions hosted its first Jeffersonian Dinner. A time for those who make up our community; business leaders, education professionals, Political leaders, officers of the law, and those also in the addiction treatment field to come together and open up the conversation about this crippling epidemic of addiction in our own backyard.

Some of the best change we get to be a part of is the birth of sober moms and babies. New Directions has started a new tradition of having an annual “Shower of Love” where alumnae, care partners, donors, and friends of the community contribute gifts for moms and babies for the entire year. As we work with our mothers and children, Jeanie Knight our new Child Care Coordinator, creates a loving, structured environment for our families to learn and grow in sobriety. Jeanie has over 30 years of experience working with children and their families. Having a passion for working with early childhood education and intervention, Jeanie has a unique way of working with our children and teaching our women how to be loving sober moms. One of our wonderful mom’s story of hardship and beauty of recovery with her son is highlighted in our Alumnae Corner.

“My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the staff at New Directions for Women for all that was done for my daughter Brittany. They treated her like family and worked long and hard to help her overcome her addictions. Brittany did not have an easy time. She received treatment on three separate occasions, and was diagnosed with an eating disorder on top of it all. New Directions outsourced the resources that were needed to address this condition which they said had to be dealt with concurrently. On her second stay, Brittany failed to complete the program as recommended. Unfortunately she began using again, and this time it was heroin. I had no contact, except for an occasional text message from my daughter, for one year. It was the hardest, longest year of my life. It’s unbearable watching your kid suffer and realizing you can’t help. I had to learn that her recovery was out of my control. She had been given the tools to remain sober, but it was in her hands. I got a call and she told me she was pregnant, on heroin, and on the streets alone, scared, and hungry. Though devastated, I did what I thought I could not do. I left her on the streets for a while before I decided I would try one more time to help her. I contacted New Directions for Women and asked them to please help Brittany get detoxed, as she was 12 weeks pregnant. Brittany had exhausted all of her insurance coverage, so the board met and provided her with a partial scholarship to detox her safely. She now has a beautiful healthy baby boy, 9 months of sobriety, a job, and her own apartment. I got my daughter back, and a beautiful grandson. I believe the blessing of Brittany’s son may have saved her life.

New Directions for Women is an outstanding treatment facility, with caring staff that are welcoming and treat and care for their patients like family. My family and myself will forever be grateful to you for helping us get our daughter back.”

— Amber K.

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