Author: Sue Bright

Private Rehab Mothers

The Benefits of Staying at a Private Rehab

Our Women’s Only Private Rehab Offers Outstanding Services New Directions for Women is a private rehab located in Orange County in Costa Mesa, California. We have been helping women get sober at our CARF accredited facility for more than 40 …

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Spouses Alcoholics

What Support is Available for Spouses of Alcoholics?

If your wife has a substance use disorder and has an addiction to alcohol, you already know how devastating it can be to your own life. You have probably spent many sleepless nights worrying about her health and safety. You …

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Through the Eyes of our Children

Rehab for Women: Through the Eyes of our Children

In 2001, New Directions for Women began serving women with their children and pregnant women. We saw how much of a barrier childcare posed to women receiving the addiction treatment they needed to get well. Mothers are oftentimes expected to …

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Prescription Addiction Jar

Treatment For Painkiller Addiction At New Directions for Women

We Offer Treatment For Painkiller Addiction In case you haven’t heard the news, our country is in big trouble when it comes to opioid addiction. In fact, the wide-spread use of prescription opioids like Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Fentanyl is being …

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Young Women Rehab

Outpatient Drug Rehab For Women in Orange County

Outpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County Many women who live in Orange County have a substance use disorder. They are addicted to drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, prescription opioids, and even marijuana. Addiction is a destructive force that causes women …

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Orange County Rehab

Drug Rehab For Pregnant Women In Orange County

Drug Rehab For Pregnant Women In Orange County Many women who are addicted to drugs like cocaine, heroin, prescription opioids, crystal meth, and marijuana become pregnant. While they may have a sincere desire to stop using while they are expecting, …

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