To Love Her is To Help Her

Life in Sober Living Houses for WomenAt New Directions for Women, we recommend sober living to the women who complete our residential treatment program while they simultaneously participate in outpatient treatment. We believe this continues to build upon the solid foundation of recovery established during the first few weeks of treatment.

We understand that many women complete treatment for a substance use disorder and feel that they are completely ready to return home to their daily lives. However; in many cases this is a mistake that can lead to a relapse.

While not without its challenges, residential treatment is “easy” when compared to “the real world.” In everyday life, there are no professional addiction specialists telling you what to do next. You are no longer living in a protected sober environment. There are many temptations, stressors, and difficulties that require great strength to navigate when you get out of treatment. Reintegrating back to “society” can feel very overwhelming.

When women complete addiction treatment, they are still very fragile and vulnerable. They are subject to cravings, triggers, and emotional imbalances. For these reasons – and many more – we think life in a sober living house for women is the optimal choice for those in early recovery.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living allows women to transition from residential treatment to a more relaxed environment while undergoing intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). IOP focuses on developing early recovery skills, relapse prevention strategies, family involvement, individual therapy, and 12-Step participation. It is a continuation of residential treatment that takes place several days a week for several hours per session. Women still get individual sessions with a counselor, random drug screening for accountability, and specialized services for recovery. All of the women that live in our Intensive Sober Living also attend our intensive outpatient program.

In our comfortable, home-like atmosphere, women still have the structure and support they need to ensure ongoing sobriety. Being in a community with other recovering women provides a seamless transition from residential treatment into “the real world.” Our sober living is on the same cul-de-sac as our residential treatment center, just one block from the Newport Beach Back Bay Reserve. This allows women to stroll along the nature reserve and engage in deep personal reflection while they continue their healing process in outpatient.

Our sober living house offers private and shared bedrooms and a shared living space. It has a fully equipped kitchen, onsite gym, Direct TV, garden, meditation area, and high-speed Wi-Fi. We provide housekeeping services.

**Don’t Let the Potential Drawbacks of Sober Living Keep You From Enjoying the Benefits **

Many women who consider sober living shy away from the opportunity because they think living with a group of strangers just won’t work for them.

They don’t like the thought of sharing a kitchen. They don’t want to have to share a bathroom with other women. They have certain television shows they watch religiously every week and they don’t want to have to fight over the TV. They worry that they won’t get along with their housemates and don’t like the idea of “being stuck with them” for a couple of months.

We get it!

Sure, it might take some time to adjust to your new environment. Yes, there will be some minor inconveniences involved. And, it is possible that you won’t like everyone you live with (or they might not like you!) BUT….. these few things you might see as “negatives” are small in comparison to the many rewards you will reap when you share a sober living space with other recovering women.

Life in Sober Living Houses for Women

Going into sober living is an opportunity for women to focus completely on your own healing. If you choose to stay with us, you won’t have the same temptations you would be forced to confront if you went home. You won’t have the distractions of your usual daily responsibilities nagging you. And, you won’t have to try to manage the stress you would normally experience in your usual home environment. This allows you the freedom to build a strong foundation in recovery before you return home.

In our experience, MOST of the women who go for sober living at New Directions for Women truly enjoy the time they spend here. There is something very special about women forming a common bond during the early days of recovery. The spirit of sisterhood flourishes and it provides women the opportunity to connect with one another. There is a lot of laughter in our sober house. There is also a lot of pain shared – and pain shared is pain lessened.

Research has shown that going to a sober living community allows women to forge valuable social connections that promote recovery. If you would like to stay at our sober living house, we have a place for you. You don’t have to face the early days of sobriety on your own. You can do it in a structured setting that will allow you to make your recovery your number one priority.

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