To Love Her is To Help Her

Recovery Support for Women After Addiction TreatmentDeciding to go through the addiction treatment and recovery process can be exciting for some, overwhelming for others, but it’s always a line of demarcation in our life. As soon as someone admits into treatment, our caring staff love our women until they can learn to love themselves, and realize they are truly getting the help they need to transform their lives. As they progress on the journey to sobriety, they will most likely experience several levels of care – from detox to residential to outpatient. During these step-downs, our women will encounter more freedom. When women discharge from our program, some women are faced with anxiety and uncertainty of where to go next and how to handle their assimilation to “real life”, for the rest of their life. That’s where our alumnae program comes into play.

Since treatment is merely only the beginning of one’s journey in sobriety, the real test will be once the women leave the safety of our facility. Our program for alumnae was designed to help former patients stay in the loop with other recovering addicts and alcoholics and to have a point of contact at New Directions for Women with the Alumnae Coordinator. By providing alumnae a person they can contact when they’re feeling vulnerable, it gives them a safety net for anybody that’s struggling, especially in those crucial first few months after rehab.

Our alumnae are passionate and committed; they become sponsors to our women in treatment, act as mentors, make community connections, and provide support to our open AA meeting with childcare on Thursdays, held on Campus at 6pm. Our Alumnae, a true sisterhood, perform numerous activities together to live by example showing the power of fun in sobriety as well as the importance of being part of a sober network. Some of these activities include volunteering at local nonprofits, or having a BBQ. It brings together other women in recovery and keeps them in close contact with one another so that their support systems in sobriety can grow!

Alumnae meets on a weekly basis so that all our women are able to meet face to face in a safe and warm nurturing place, and work together on their wellness. This helps keep our women in constant communication with us while providing consistency and routine which are important aspects of early recovery. Treatment centers often act as a protective bubble, successfully shielding clients from temptation and providing a safe space for them to focus solely and completely on their treatment. Once the safety net of the treatment center is removed, the real test begins.

It’s easy to stay sober in rehab, but what about in the real world? That’s why the New Directions for Women Alumnae Program is an awesome tool to help ease the transition. We have information and referrals for the client to enter into sober living homes and self-help meetings closer to home, which can act as a further buffer for recovering people. Also, having someone to reach out to and talk to like our Alumnae Coordinator as well as fill up her schedule with recovery-oriented activities can be very beneficial.

At New Directions for Women, we understand the need for our women to have that extra support even after they graduate from our program. We know and understand that treatment is just the first step on a long journey through recovery, and we are committed to walking alongside this journey with our women.