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With continual monitoring of outcomes, New Directions for Women can improve treatment services, increase treatment access and improve overall satisfaction with services provided. Our Quality Improvement department is dedicated to collecting, tracking, and analyzing our outcomes in order to constantly improve. Women start their life long journey of recovery at New Directions for Women. Therefore our Alumnae Coordinator calls each graduate of our program in specific intervals to stay in touch and track their success. Follow-up surveys are also a key tool used to measure our effectiveness in helping women achieve sustained recovery.

New Directions for Women collected Satisfaction Survey results from 110 patients completing Residential Treatment. Discharging patients are requested to complete the survey which measures their satisfaction levels in several areas relating to their treatment at New Directions for Women. During the year 2014, 219 patients completed the “Post Discharge Follow-Up Survey”. Patients are requested to complete the survey at discharge, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months post discharge.

429 family members and support persons were surveyed in 2014 to gauge the effectiveness and overall satisfaction of the Family Group.  The response rate of 80% is a 188% increase from 2013!  Family Group Sessions are held on campus every Saturday.

In 2014, 33 out of 47 employees completed the Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey for a total response rate of 71%.

Patient Satisfaction Highlights

• 93% of patients surveyed report having a better understanding of the disease of addiction.

• 97% of patients surveyed report that they are motivated to work to maintain their recovery as a result of their treatment at NDFW.

• 89% of patients surveyed reported that the Clinical staff treated them with dignity and respect.

• 83% of patients surveyed report they would recommend New Directions for Women to others.

Post-Discharge Follow-Up Highlights

• 85% of patients surveyed post-discharge report no substance use within the last 30 days.

• 85% of patients surveyed post-discharge report that their mental/emotional and physical health is good, very good, or excellent.

• 89% of patients surveyed post-discharge report that they are attending 12-step meetings.

Highlights from Family Group Session Evaluations collected in 2014:

• 94% of respondents felt that the Family Group Sessions were overall Very Good or Excellent.

• 97% of respondents Agreed or Strongly Agreed that the topics discussed helped them better understand the disease of addiction.

• 98% of respondents Agreed or Strongly Agreed that the topics were informative and clearly presented.

Employee Satisfaction Highlights

• 100% of employees either Agree or Strongly Agree that they understand NDFW’s mission, vision, and core values.

• 91% of employees either Agree or Strongly Agree that their co-workers and/or supervisors treat them with respect and dignity.

• 88% of employees responded that they are encouraged to use their knowledge and skills in their job at NDFW.

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